What's better that being asked to present at a school?

Being asked to present AGAIN of course!! Yup, there is no better feeling than being asked to come back to a school I have previously visited. It feels like I’m doing something right, when a school sees so much value in what I share with their students that they want me to come and teach the next generation of kiddos.
Can you tell I love visiting schools?  It is so rewarding to get kids excited about book and share with them the creative process of an illustrator and writer. Drawing parallels between the two is always amazing to the kids and faculty. Yes, we revise, revise, revise! No matter if we are dealing with text of illustrations. Also, showing the kids “the power of an illustration” is always fun.
Especially, when it yields these type of results:
When you get the kids excited about a topic, and have them enjoy it with a big belly laugh, they are more likely to remember what you are telling them. At least, that has been my experience. These first greaders at Barbara Bush Elementary, were a truly amazing group! They were so intuned with books that they asked me if I ever worked on a Newberry or Caldecott winner. Alas, I have not, but I was very impressed that these kiddos even knew what these awards were. They are tremendously lucky to have their incredible librarian.
Have a splendid day and happy creating to you all.

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    • TBauerle

      Oh, Romelle, you are so right. Wish I could go to every school out there and get those kiddos reading. T.


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