We met Kate DiCamillo :)

Yesterday afternoon, we got to listen to Kate DiCamillo present her latest book, “Raymie Nightingale,” at Dobson High School. Thank you Changing Hands Bookstore for this amazing opportunity to hear Kate present. It was a wonderful program. It was great to spend some time with my friends Dianne White, Elizabeth Saba, Suzie Schade and several teachers and families from Eduprize, Gilbert.

Can’t you just see what a doll Ms. DiCamillo is from the photo above? My girls simply loved being there. Ms Kate is so nice, funny and down to earth, you just simply want to hug her. It was a joy listening to her answer questions about her work and life. She felt that this was a better way to chat with everyone than reading a prepared speech. So true! What a splendid presenter she is!

Here are some interesting tidbits we learned about her:

  • She received rejections for 6 years before she was offered her first contract.
  • “Because of Wynn Dixie” was the first novel she had ever written.
  • Mercy Watson’s love for buttered toast was inspired by a ride in her brand new mini with her rather messy friend.
  • Kate makes a point of writing at least two pages every day.

There were many more, but you simply need to make it to a presentation by Kate DiCamillo to find out the rest. I would have to add her to my list of my favorite authors.

Happy creating to all.