Some more Online Illustration References

Here are some more online resources that I’ve found that have made it into my google reader. Lots of great info here.

Asia In The Heart:
This is a great blog that is dedicated to books set in Asia, books with Asian characters, and Asian authors and illustrators. They focus on some incredible talent and it’s wonderful to learn more about illustration in other parts of the world.

Escape from Illustration Island:
This is probably one of my favorite blogs I’ve found yet. Thomas James created “Escape from Illustration Island” and it is devoted to providing useful content, encouraging community participation and help fellow illustrators escape their isolation. A definite must read.

The Tools Artists Use:
A great blog that talks about the tools that artists use. It is a great resource and features many artist interviews.

4 Responses to “Some more Online Illustration References”

  1. Edrian Thomidis

    A ton of great information! thanks for taking the time to post and for your visit on my blog. I'm glad you've had a positive experience in NY every time. I cannot extend my stay this time, but I think the time that I am there will be of great benefit to my future. 🙂 happy 2010!

  2. Tanja Bauerle

    Thank you Edrien. Be a sponge when you are in NY and just absorb everything. You'll love it. I'm still in contact with some of the illustrators that I met when I went. Maybe we'll meet at one of the events in the future. Happy 2010 to you too. T.

  3. Tanja Bauerle

    You are more than welcome, Tarie. Your blog is wonderful and a great tool for learning more about illustrators and authors in your part pf the world. Thank you. T.


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