Society Of Visual Storytelling

Hey, all you illustrators and picture book creators out there! Are you familiar with the Society of Visual Storytelling? If not, you have to hop on over and check it out:

What is The Society of Visual Storytelling? In a nutshell it is an online school, co-created by Will Terry and Jake Parker, that offers classes designed to teach and inspire artists who create narrative visuals. This includes artists who develop picture books, graphic novels, comics, character designs, and the list goes on. The classes taught by industry professionals are offered both live and recorded and there is even a subscription option (WHICH I LOOOOVE!) that allows you to watch previously recorded classes at your own convenience.

Whether you are brand new to illustration, or you are a pro in need of a refresher, this is the place for you. Currently, I am on a mission to amp up my character designs, especially my human ones. Back in college I had character design classes, but for some reason all that wonderful knowledge was asleep somewhere in my brain. I watched SVS’s the “Breathing Life into your Character Designs” class and it proved to be just the right medicine that I needed. Inspiration is oozing from my pencil and I feel very excited at how the illos that I’m currently working on are progressing.
Thank you Will and Jake, for this splendid resource!

Happy Creating to you all.