"Read me a Picture" Exhibition Opening

Finally, here are some photos of the “Read me a Picture” Exhibition opening at the Tempe Center for the Arts last Saturday. It was a wonderful evening and I got such a tickle out of meeting and chtting the other artists. Here are some photos in no particular order:

Seeing that this was a kids friendly opening there were crafts for the kids to do. The kiddos were able to illustrate their own books and tie them together. It was really cute. If you are planning on bringing the kids to the show the crafts are still set up for them to play with.

Here is Chris Gall and I in front of my paintngs. You porbably know Chris from his books “Dear Fish” and “There’s Nothing to do On Mars.” You can see some of his work from his latest book “Dinotrucks” at the show. Dreamworks of currently working on an animated feature based on “Dinotrucks” but the movie won’t be out for a few years yet.

Here is David Christiana, moi and Mikela Prevost. Both are incredible illustrators and it was wonderful to spend some time chatting with them.

These are the four paintings From “The Adventures of Salt and Soap at Grand Canyon” that are on display at the show.

Some of my dearest friends Jennifer and Tanya. Thank you for coming on by to the opening.

Mikela, Moi, Gail Maki Wilson and Megumi Lemons, more of my wonderful illustrator friends. We have such a great illustrator support group here in the valley. Thank you for all the inspiration.

This is the gallery. It is a beautiful facility and everyone was very happy to be exhibiting there. Thank you Michelle for organizing this great show.
More later.

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