Happy Doodads – Tiny Tokens to Brighten Someone’s Day


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Let someone know they are special by surprising them with a Happy Doodad!

My family and have been making and sharing these Happy Doodads for years. It feels great to spread joy by sharing these tiny symbols of love and gratitude with someone you care about. Here are some ideas of how we have used Happy Doodads in the past:

  • Thank a helpful salesperson
  • Cheer up a sad friend
  • Add one to a Christmas Stocking
  • Surprise your teacher
  • Hide one in a suitcase when your loved one travels
  • Hand one to your brother or sister
  • Stick one in a lunchbox


  • Each token is hand-crafted and baked using polymer clay
  • The tokens measure about 1” square each (For young children parental supervision is recommended)
  • Color selection varies
  • Each 3” by 2.5” bag is filled with 10 tokens

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