Jackson Pollock and Second Graders

I am so lucky that I am able to present Art Masterpiece to my daughter Izzy second grade class every few weeks. I teach them about an artist, we talk about and look closely at his or her work, tie it into what they are currently learning and then create a project in the style of the artist. A wonderful opportunity for me to share my love for art and for the kids to gain exposure to art.
We just completed a group canvas in the style of Jackson Pollock. All the kids got to experience his dribble/splatter technique and they enjoyed it tremendously. Even Ms O’Brien participated and loved it.
The one thing that I am always amazed about when I teach Art Masterpiece, is how fascinated the kids get when I teach them about the artist and show them his/her work. We spend on average between 45 minutes to a hour, just looking and discussing the artwork itself. We look at composition, the choice of palette and try to analyze the motivation of the artists. Yes, these are second graders! I am so impressed with them. It becomes so apparent that art is important not just for the of the fun project, but more so for the understanding that is gained by the kids that they are able to express their feelings and frustrations through art. In trying to learn about the artist they can learn about themselves.
I love what I do.
Happy Creating.

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