Grand Canyon Book Release

Last Tuesday I was up at the Grand Canyon with Lori Rome, the Author, for the official book launch of the Salt & Soap book to the Grand Canyon community. What a great evening it was. Salt and Soap were there as well signing books and looking for free belly rubs.

Lori did a great presentation about the story of what happened to Salt and Soap that included a lot of great information about the Canyon itself. Lori is such an engaging presenter. After Lori finished her presentation I talked about the artwork of the book and what the process entailed. We then signed books and chatted with everyone that was there. More than 75 books were sold that night. Yeah for Salt and Soap!

Here I am signing away.

Here is Lori and I signing and Lori’s Kevin stamping the books with the puppies paw prints.

There were so many people there to celebrate the launch to our book. Thank you everyone for making it such a successful event.

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