Founders' Workshop was incredible!

I’m back from the Founders‘ Workshop in Honesdale, PA. This workshop was about “the Visual Arts of a Picture Book.” As you might have guessed I had high expectations for the weekend seeing that the proposed topic list was outstanding. I was not prepared, however, for the incredible experience I was privileged to share over last weekend. Nick (Dominic Catalano) is an incredible teacher and filled the entire three/four days with so much information, we all agreed that we had gotten our money’s worth before Friday was even over.

All I can say is that you must attend this workshop if you are an illustrator. It wasn’t just all the incredibly useful and very applicable illustration skills and knowledge that we gained, but also the camaraderie and support of the all the unbelievably talented fellow participants and faculty members. Thank you Nick for making this weekend an experience I will never forget.

Come to our next illustrator meeting and I’ll share some of the detail of what we learned. But for now here are some photos of the weekend.

This is Boyd’s Mills house where the workshop was held and we had all of our meals. It is such a beautiful and peaceful area that it is a perfect setting to be creative.

These are some of the cabins. They are so cute and comfortable that it felt like being home (only a lot quiter).

This was my cabin. I wish it would have been warmer because I would have loved to sit on that rocking chair to enjoy the beautiful forest view.

Unlike what my husband thought when he saw this picture, this had nothing to do with whiskey. While we were in our workshop an entire flock (is that right? I know it’s not a herd but there were a bunch of them) of turkeys ran past. By the time my camera took the picture only one was left. That’s what that little dot is. Anyway, I thought that a flock of turkeys is really neat.

If you don’t to come for the information at the workshop, come for the food. Marcia is the most incredible chef. These were just some of the appetizers we got before the meal. Those are homemade potstickers, spring rolls and an incdredible artichoke dip. The actual dinners included: Lobster lasagna, shrimp encrusted talapia and pumpkin creme brule. We were in heaven.

This is Tim Gillner, Art Director for Boyd’s Mills Press, in his office. Great guy with very helpful feedback on portfolios. His office is rather interesting with all those piles of stuff. ..

Part of the facutly included Dominic Catalano, Kelly Cunningham (Art Director for High Five Magazine), Suzanne Bloom (author/illustrator) and Tim Gillner. We also spent time with Cynthia Farber Smith, Art Director for Highlights Magazine, but I was so enthralled all evening that I forgot to pull out my camera.

This is Lindsay Barrett George, author/illustrator, spent time with us on Friday evening and Sunday and was so helpful when looking at our work. She had great insight and advice which I think will really help me greatly.

This is one of Lindsay’s illustrations. She had such a wide range, but her wildlife illustrations were just breathtaking.

Here is Nick while reviewing all the Caldecott winners. Yes, he brought with him every single Caldecott winner since the first one in 1938.

Here are the books that Nick has illustrated. 27 I believe, many of which he also wrote.

Nick also brought with him a great set of illustration resource books. I was excited to see that I have a few of them, but now there are many more that I would love to get.

All the Caldecott Winner since 1938. Reviewing each one was really interesting.
Anyway, if you ever have to opportunity to attend one of these workshops – you must go. There are writing workshops as well as illustration specific ones. I can’t speak highly enough about it. If you want more info about the workshop itself, join me at our next illustrators’ meeting on:
Tuesday, November 18th, at 7:00 pm in the evening
Barnes & Noble at the Tempe Marketplace
2000 E.Rio Salado Pkwy #1032
Tempe, AZ 85281
It is located in Tempe where the 202 and the 101 meet off Rio Salado. We’ll be meeting in the café. Here is more info about the location as well as directions on how to get there:;jsessionid=18F9DD089372E8294E9BDB99CB3796D6?store=2243

Hope to see you there.

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  1. princesstomato

    Hey Tanja! It was so nice meeting you at the workshop. I look forward to seeing you and meeting the rest of the “Arizona group” when I visit next month.

    I also tagged you. Aren’t you glad? hehehe… Check my blog for details…



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