Brandon Mull School Visit

Drum roll please… Our next author visit was…


All right, can you see now why I was so tickled about our next author? What a great visit it was! All of your sixth, seventh and eighth grade classes were able to see Brandon’s presentation. Our school was the first school that Brandon visited on his National Tour for book two of the Five Kingdom series,  “Rogue Night.”

Kelly Robertson, Susan Shade, Mr. Brandon Mull, and little ‘ol me (we missed you Pam)

Here we are in front of our welcome display. As you can see, Brandon is quite tall.  Plus he is an incredibly nice guy that is very down to earth. The best part of his visit, though, was that he is a phenomenal speaker that got the kids completely engaged and inspired.

Take a look at some of the artwork the students created to Brandon’s visit:

Our goal in bringing authors to the school is to encourage the kids to read and to expose them to authors and their creative process. It’s inspiring for kids to meet successful authors in person and quite illuminating when they realize that their favorite authors are actually regular people. This is important because they realize that a successful writing career is attainable if they are committed and willing to work hard.

Some of Brandon’s advice to the kids was to have lots of experiences. He encouraged them to participate in life and to pay attention. Take note of what happens to you and around you because you can draw inspiration from it in your stories.

He encouraged them to exercise their imagination and create stories. One of the highlights was his interactive exercise: the kids participated in an impromptu creation of a story. Let’s just say we have some very creative students at our school who came up with a rather bizarre story concept.

Brandon stressed the importance of reading. He told them to read a lot! Read every day! It’s so nice to hear someone else tell them this. 

The program concluded when he asked the students who considered themselves to be creative. Only couple of hands went up. Then he asked if them if they liked to cook, or write, or play, or garden, the list went on. His point was that being creative does not just refer to drawing. It can be many things and in one way or another every one of them was creative in their unique way. What a great message to share!

I hope that we will be able to have Brandon visit our school again in the future.

Happy creating to you all. T