What's in a name? Character name that is.

  When writing, I used to not focus on character names too much. My thinking was that character traits, actions … Read More >


  Here is a workshop that I will be attending at the beginning of February. The last time I attended… Read More >

Academy of Art University | School of Illustration | Children’s Book Publishing

Take a peek at this great video. It was posted in November of 2011, but it is a great informative panel… Read More >

Portfolio Advice from Donald Wu

Artwork by Donald Wu – http://www.donaldwu.com/index.html Here is a really good article for anyone that has ever wondered what to… Read More >

Love getting My Books In The Mail

  I’m a little late in posting this, but I finally got around to taking a photo of this. I… Read More >

Shaun Tan's Advice to New Illustrators

One of my new favorite blogs with always insightful and inspirational posts has become www.onceuponasketch.com. Children’s Market Illustrators; Norman Grock… Read More >

Incredible Video Facade in Berlin Store Front

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Whooo Are You?

What an amazing year this past year has been. For me it was a year of change, refocusing and resetting… Read More >

Australian Author Elain Ouston releases second book in The Mystery of Nida Valley series

Here’s a quick interview with author Elain Ouston. She lives in beautiful Australia, which I miss dearly. T. Elaine Ouston’s… Read More >

Making Dinosaur Maquettes – PART 1

As most of you know, I absolutely love what I do and I love, love, LOVE sharing art and creative… Read More >

SCBWI-AZ Motion Picture to Picture Books Workshop

Presents a New Workshop for Illustrators Motion Picture to Picture Books A Workshop for illustrators interested in incorporating cinematic sensibilities… Read More >

Lynne Avril Painting Demonstration

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