REI Book Signings Next Week

Here are a couple of book signings that I have coming up with my Grand Canyon Book next week. I… Read More >

Salt and Soap book is going into it's second printing already!

I just got the most exciting email. “The Adventures of Salt and Soap at Grand Canyon” has already gone into… Read More >

"There's a Coqui I My Shoe!" named one of Local bestsellers.

Check this out! How exciting to get a nice little write up in the Morning Call Newspaper, in pA. The… Read More >

Fundraiser at Desert Child Development Center

A couple of weekends ago we had our fundraiser at Izzy’s preschool. I was there signing books and was able… Read More >

Salt and Soap is at the Barnes & Nobel in Flagstaff

How exciting is this? Here is Salt and Soap in the local interest section of the Barnes & Nobel in… Read More >

Salt and Soap is in the Book stores at the Grand Canyon

Whooohooooo! It’s so exciting to see our book in the stores. Here is is at the Visitor Center book store… Read More >

Grand Canyon Book Release

Last Tuesday I was up at the Grand Canyon with Lori Rome, the Author, for the official book launch of… Read More >

Tucson Book Festival

If you managed to stop by the Tucson Festival of Books a couple of weeks ago, you’ll know what a… Read More >

Where you can get "There's a Coqui in my Shoe!" and reviews

Here is an updated list of where you can get a copy of “There’s a Coqui in My Shoe!” eParks… Read More >

"There's a Coqui in My Shoe!" is now in Storyopolis

Really exciting news! I just found out that “There’s a Coqui in My Shoe!” was just accepted into the Storyopolis… Read More >

Salt and Soap book is here!!

Whoohooo!!!! Here it is!! I just got my advance copy of “The Adventures of Salt and Soap in the Grand… Read More >

Great Articles for Illustrators

Happy belated Holidays to all and a Happy New Year. It’s been a very busy month and as you can… Read More >