Wright on Time - WY cover

Wright On Time – Wyoming (Book 3)

When the Wright family’s RV breaks down in Wyoming, their homeschooling tour of the USA is put on hold. The kids are getting restless. Nadia wants to find out more about the Time Tuner. Aidan craves a real adventure, so their parents surprise them with alternative activities which keep them energized. What do geysers, rivers, and wind have in common? What’s rude oil? Who put that weird symbol on the ground? Why would you want to spin a magnet? And just what do you feed a fire breathing dragon? Things get exciting when the Time Tuner reveals surprises of its own…

Children’s Chapter Book • 5.25″ by 8″ • 122 pages • Ages 5 to 12+ • Paperback

Publication Date: September 2010
Story by: Lisa Cottrell-Bentley
Illustrated by: Tanja Bauerle
Published by: Do Life Right, Inc.
ISBN-13: 978-0-9824829-2-6