School Visits, Library Presentations, Story Time, and more!

Want to inspire students? Want a fun visual presentation that ties in with your curriculum? I’d love to come to your school or event to get your audience excited about books, art and creativity.

Rates a greatly reduced, when a tour to multiple schools can be arranged. If you have further questions about my programs, rates or to schedule your visit, contact me at:

(480) 857-8157
Mobile: (480) 518-3338

Media Here you will find items that will be useful when preparing for my school visit. You have access to my head shots, biography, flyers and posters that you are able to use as needed in preparation for my visit.
Programs There are several different programs that I can offer and I am also able to customize a program to f it your needs. Here are a few of the programs that I present that have been greatly enjoyed by the schools that I have visited.
Testimonials Want to know what people are saying about my visits and presentations? Check out this page where you will find sevaral quotes and testimonials from teachers whose classes I have presented to.