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Writing with Pictures

by Uri Shulevitz

Shulevitz, a well-established children’s author and illustrator, uses discussion and more than 600 illustrations to convey principles he follows in his work. He covers story writing briefly, but gives most of his attention to the drawing of illustrations. Shulevitz makes his points slowly and completely and starts at a very basic level. He covers technical questions of how actually to proceed in developing ideas into books, as well as aesthetic and ethical issues. While Shulevitz’s frequent use of his own work as a model of excellence and his unabashed presentation of his own point of view limit the range of styles and approaches presented, the book will still be useful as a starting point for aspiring children’s authors.

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Publisher: Watson-Guptill; Reprint edition (May 1, 1997)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0823059359
ISBN-13: 978-0823059355